Humanizing the urban experience

Matteo Messervy is a Designer with an international scope.
He is known for his works in the fields of Light-architecture, Light-Design (industrial and semi-industrial), engineering, and for his large-scale monumental installations featured in many major exhibitions.

Three main elements guide his work: Light, matter, and human beings.

The way they collide, whirl and play around each other, and how they interact with one another.

Three elements that drive Matteo Messervy’s work, which is all about finding a balance in this extremely fragile chemistry, highlighting these interactions and how they can impact our daily lives.

So often neglected or widely misused in most urban environments all around the world, light is not just a practical tool to counter darkness, but a means to show the hidden life and potential of urban settings and objects. It is supposed to make us, city dwellers, who evolve in this type of steel and concrete jumble, feel the peculiar pace of their breathing.

The « cast in stone » vision of cities and surroundings that have become all too familiar to us is surprisingly dismantled by Matteo Messervy’s skills to turn static, lifeless and hostile spaces into safe havens for the senses.

Light is a powerfull vector, a sensory experience that has a profound resonance inside ourselves, whether harrowing or therapeutic, conveying a large spectrum of emotions, blowing cold and warmth to those exposed to its complexity.

Born in France, brought up in sun-drenched Central-America and Spain, this multi-cultural background has certainly shaped and sharpened Matteo Messervy’s capacity in understanding and transforming extremely diverse types of environments to serve a creative vision that is devoted to the well-being of people.


134, rue de Vincennes
93100 Montreuil, France


Matteo Messervy
Suanplu garden,
Sathorn 3 road, thungmahamek Sathorn
Bangkok 10120, Thailand

Hong Kong

Mathieu Rumeau
Room 1901,19/F.,
Henan Building,
90-92 Jaffe Road
Hong Kong


Defence Colony, Indiranagar
560 036 Bangalore, India

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