Aéroports de Paris

Aéroports de Paris – Charles de Gaulle S4 Terminal

Aéroports de Paris (ADP) have commissioned contemporary artist Matteo Messervy for a monumental light installation in the new terminal at Charles de Gaulle Airport which will be open to the public on june 2012. 80 000 people pass through the Paris airport each day. Matteo Messervy’s conception is taken from the natural world to achieve a vision of tranquillity in contrast to the airport’s
bustling atmosphere.

Using the latest technology in the industry, Messervy’s particular use of light suggests idyllic images of tilled land reflected in the architecture of the ceiling, reminiscent of the landscape of Roissy before the construction sixty years ago.

The element of water plays a significant role in this installation in order to create a universe that is soothing and gentle. Messervy has created fourteen monumental suspensions that hang effortlessly above the thousands of arriving and departing passengers. These hand blown glass sculptures resemble drops of water. The ripple of their wake become increasingly seductive as small LEDs pulsate to the rhythm of a human heart beat.

The installation emanates an overall feeling of serenity and calm in the grand newly created public space. The intention is an atmosphere where the visitor unconsciously feels at ease in this urban setting. With the water drops hovering above, Matteo Messervy inverses the natural positioning of water and air, one cannot help but to gaze upwards.

Client : ADP – Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport
Location : France

Site Installation

Overview of the completed Installation