Alcatel – Lucent

ALCATEL-LUCENT Executive Briefing Center

The purpose of the project was to create optimal conditions, both of comfort and amazement, to allow transmitting to the guests, who are the main actors of the industrial, economical and political world, the complete scope of ALCATEL-LUCENT activities.

In order to challenge the constraints of this existing place, full of history and with a strong architectural identity, a team has been
composed whose fields of abilities complement each other so as to transcend ALCATEL-LUCENT’s thinking about the project.

That team was made up of :

  • Architects Pierre Beucler and Jean-Christophe Poggioli, to give an identity to the space, so as to organize and set-up the bases that are going to enhance its personality.
  • An artist “light designer” Matteo Messervy, to illuminate the main axes of circulation and sculpt the light to facilitate the understanding of messages.
  • A graphic designer Fabrice Petithuguenin, to create gigantic visual images combined with the artistic work of light and well
    integrated into the architectural scheme.

Images and light aim to give shape and meaning to the technologies developed by ALCATEL-LUCENT. A universe where classicism and high technology meet Versailles like wooden floor. Panels with electro- luminescent fibers create lights’ fountains
all around the meeting place.

A combination of cold and warm computer-controlled fluorescent tubes can reproduce on each window, behind white sunblinds, the impression of a perpetual sunset even at night, while windows open onto an interior courtyard with a small amount of natural light.

In the center of the ceiling hangs a huge sculpture made of computer-controlled neon tubes and electro-luminescent panels that punctuates and underlines the room that illustrates and presents to the world economic leaders and clients ALCATEL-LUCENT
latest technologies.

Client : Alcatel-Lucent
Location : France