“Concrete Nature”, Bangkok


“Concrete Nature” by Matteo Messervy

From November 27th to december 11th, Matteo Messervy will be showcasing his latest light-art installation produced by the French Embassy in Thailand, in the context of Galleries Night and the COP21 Sustainable Environment  Forum 2015, with the collaboration of Philips Lighting Thailand and EPSON Thailand.

The artwork presented for this occasion will be in the form of projection mapping. It playfully highlights, deconstructs, rotates, and manipulates the building’s unusual geometry to create a dynamic and oniric multiverse of natural ecosystems. This piece reflects the kind of multidisciplinary approach the artist seeks to bring forth. Something deep and meaningful, beyond the merely functional purpose of lighting.By establishing collaborations with renown university researchers from different countries and disciplines, the designer proves that the artistic process can truely benefit from multidisciplinary participations.Following the scientific findings on the “Memory of water” by Prof. Dr. Kröplin, from the Institute for Statics and Dynamics of Aerospace Constructions at the University of Stuttgart, Matteo Messervy decided to incorporate this scientific concept into his work.

Matteo Messervy masterfully ignites the space to convey his vision of aesthetics and well-being. A clear and strong statement of his philosophy : light is a way of life.

!!! Watch the Timelapse Video of the Installation : Click Here