Sephora – Gardens of Johdpur – “Midi Minuit”

Midi-Minuit, exhibition at Sephora , Jodhpur garden, India, 1999

The work was commissioned by the invitation of the Maharajah of Jodhpur and financed by Sephora and Mr. Chafik Gasni. Matteo Messervy has decided to invite spectators to a specific trip in the Indian world. The concept purpose was to ensure the revival of the palace through a series of carefully selected images that evoke the almost child-like dream adventures about toys and places.

The concept lies in the whole set up of photos, in still and animated sequences, projected on walls and floors of the Jodhpur Palace. The scenography draws a parallel between the contrasted harmonies of the well-ordered green nature, light skies and pastel-like tones of France and the intensity and lush nature of the indian’s landscape.

It is a vision of two worlds, diversities and similarities that mingle together in a mysterious alchemy. The installation portrays the magic of colours, lights, shades, scents and sounds, that intertwine and melt into an entity in which each one should recognize a part of oneself.

Commissaire d’exposition : Mariella Berthéas
Client : Sephora
Location : India