Luna Lounge

The cocktail bar is located in the heart of Sukhumvit. A place where romance mixes with art.
The French artist and lighting designer, who often uses various types of fabrics to line up together and communicate various emotional states, chose a piece of white camouflage as a bright white ceiling that reminded him of the white silvery lunar landscapes, the peace and the silence of space.

Matteo Messervy proposed a new experience through a physical and
echoing circuit. The perception of the interior shrouds the public into a
sensorial and sensual world.

In his installation, Matteo uses a customized fabric. The camouflage
fabric, a sophisticated and robust material used primarily for military
purposes, is remodeled and re-patterned into a masterpiece by the artist who intended to propose a completely different dimension and meaning to it. Originally meant to hide objects and people in hostile conditions, now it becomes protective, contemplative and peaceful.

The interior display of the lounge is not concealed but rather
magnified by the fabric that conceals the walls and discloses them at the
same time. The light illuminates the walls and turns the supple and curved geometry of the masterpiece into a breathing and pulsating living organism.