MK2 Bibliothèque

Paris François Mitterrand Library (architect J.M. Wilmotte) houses Europe’s largest movie theatre company, MK2. Matteo Messervy’s two installations curated by Caroline Bourgeois are designed to facilitate the internal circulation of light in this enormous glass building.

The striking size of the empty cinema screens inspired the artist to use the power of white with it’s unique property that reflects all other hues. Messervy created a soothing atmosphere to soften the walls and to contrast the sober geometry of the furniture.

The two masterpiece suspensions include; “Ascension” a 5 x 2.5 meter aluminium egg shaped structure wrapped in fiber optics, diffusing a luminous halo and “Aerolux” a gigantic 10 x 6 meters inflatable object made of fabric,with a metallic structure supporting fifty coloured computer controlled fluorescent tubes.

The screened light radiates softly with tones that change in a continuous slow process mimicking the heartbeat of a person who is dreaming. The intention is to relax people, put them at ease and enhance their experience at the cinema.