Thailywood – Concept overview

Thailywood Pattaya

The ambition behind this project was to create a foundation for the Arts, develop an Artist-in-residence programme and make this place an educational haven for the senses and nurture curiosity.
The alignment of the vegetation, abundant and consisting of only local varieties shows authority over nature.
The purpose here is to create an interaction between the lush nature and the architectural space.
These lines stem from the linear world that I wanted to create, as a reminder of the industrial world made of repetitions of gestures and shapes. An urban garden where nature is no longer considered “wild” but tamed to make it more accessible, less scary, while providing comfortable axes of circulation in which people feel safe and drawn back to nature.
The strongest symbol in the garden, is undoubtedly the choice of a single color for all the flowers, namely white, representing purity, knowledge, longevity.and encompassing the whole spectrum of light.
Depending on the type of garden, water is present in different ways. It may be dormant in a rustic decor or gushing in an oriental, exotic or contemporary setting. Dripping water speaks of the calm and serenity of an asian garden.
The soft rustle coming out of one of the five fountains reflects calm and tranquility.
The shape of the basin is related to its style, the oriental basin must be geometric with great profusion of plants for the exotic garden, which also favours the mineral component to channel the flow of the water.

Landscape-designer / Architect / Light-Designer : Matteo Messervy

Note : the project was originally commissioned by french clients for a property located in Thailand’s Chonburi province, hence the project’s technical details and summaries written in french language.