Villa YenakArt Bangkok

In 2018, Thailand hosted a major Art event : the Bangkok Art Biennale. Starting with a non-profit foundation to engage and inspire diverse Thai, ASEAN and international audiences by actively fostering recognition and appreciation of contemporary art exhibitions.
In this context, Matteo Messervy was commissioned to create the lighting design of the YenakArt Villa, a new international art gallery in Bangkok, located in one of the sub-streets of the quiet and elegant Yen Akat community, founded by Frederic Meyer and Jeremy Opritesco.
The building has a unique style, often called the “skin and bones architecture”, because of the minimal framework of the structure and the free-flowing open space influenced by the European 1930’s architectural avant-garde (Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe). The spacious exhibition hall measures 160 square meters and has a more than 5 meters high ceiling. The facade is all from glass and faces a 600 square meters garden. In the back of the building a loft had been build, and will serve as a residency for invited artists.
The Lighting designer created a computer programmed dynamic lighting design in a way that light would act as a paint brush with its palette of colors applied on the facade. Always dancing along the ertical and horizontal lines.