Farm stage (Design by PO-D Architects)

Wonderfruit is an arts, music and lifestyle festival located at The Fields, Siam Country Club, Pattaya in Chonburi, Thailand. The festival aims at addressing eco issues and bring forth sustainability to Thailand. The event features musical performances, art, installations, workshops and talks, along with fine cuisine from renowned chefs.
The main Farm stage was designed by PO-D Architects. A stage made from rice with 5-meter-high bamboo construction takes inspiration from the Isaan tradition where farmers build ornate rice palaces from leftover rice straw. This has been a great opportunity for Matteo to collaborate with Mr.Phaholchai Premjai, the owner of PO-D Architects, doing the lighting to this wonderful sustainable stage.

To light up the stage Matteo come up with the concept of bringing the movement of the rice paddy swaying along the blowing wind, the movement of farmers during harvest season and the movement of the sun from dawn til dusk.
Matteo’s design aimed to bring a peace of daytime into the heart of the right and to create the illusion of the morning sunshining onto the rice fields.